The Four Agreements Hardcover

The Four Agreements Hardcover

The best way to use these tools to break old chords and habits: this is a big book. Four agreements. It`s going to change your life. This book is about how to live your life. To eliminate the negativity we have learned through our own domestication. All the lies and lies that have been planted in our subconscious are bought by our parents through our schools through religions. This book is about love. How to live and love. Happiness is a state of mind. We all have the power to make our own happiness. The simple book offers you these secrets.

It is the power to control your mind to create your own happiness on a daily basis description of the paperback book. Status: New. International Edition, Taschenbuch, Brand New, Same author, ISBN and Cover image may vary. To be used legally despite any disclaimer, We send to PO, APO and FPO addresses in the United States. Select Expedited shipping for faster delivery. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Seller Inventory #US_9781878424310 Explore your book, then jump straight to the point where you stopped Flip page… 3. Do your best to practice the steps in the books.

Training makes the master. Ask Alexa to read your book with Audible or text-to-speech integration. This book, in its compact, easy-to-wear size, contains practical life-changing wisdoms, which author Ruiz teaches from his ancient Totec roots. Anyway, I recommend reading this book for anyone who wants to improve. Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote “An inspiring book with many great lessons.” And I agree. Very easy to read, not complicated to follow, with great writing. Lots of good practical information that you can use now or in the future. The four chords: 1) Be blameless with your words. 2) Don`t take anything personally 3) Don`t make assumptions 4) Always do your best.

In the world of personal development, you will learn very quickly that the life I am living right now is the direct result of the words I say to myself and others. Before my words are spoken, they begin with my thought. And believe me, if someone is able to change their thinking, they can certainly change the results they see in their life. I agree with the author in this book that he is beyond reproach with your words. Our words have the ability to talk about certain positive things in existence and change lives for the better or destroy lives with gossip and inaccurate information. The second agreement, which does not take anything personal, is also very precise. When I studied my own life and saw how I had taken things personally on many occasions and made a mistake in judgment. The right thing to do if you make a mistake in judgment is to admit that you made a mistake to admit it immediately and continue.

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